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Our WLS Blog is here!

Welcome Wonderfuls. When this Studio started, it was my hope that it would be a community of like and loving artists. A safe place that you could share your successes and comfort each other through the frustrations of this business; a place where you could clearly see that by helping each other, rather than tearing each other down, the whole was stronger; a place where teaching you a process and practical way to access emotions safely, you could become a powerful force in this business and in life.

Over the years, that hope has become reality. Thank you for that. The successes I have seen behind these doors are too many to list here. But I remain gobsmacked by your genius gifts and giddy over your remarkable accomplishments. I am grateful for you every day and in every way. For we are like spokes of a wheel – each of us vital and important to the other.

I hope this blog will be of help to you. Because I believe actors are a gift to the world. In some way, with each role you embrace, you will touch someone’s heart – make them laugh, teach them something about themselves, or others, give them a moment of escape, give them joy or solace. You are indeed very special to me whether you enter these Studio doors or not. Let’s make this a celebration and a forum where we can keep that spirit of a mighty WLS going strong!

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