Ryan Reynolds
I came to see Warner for help with a character that required extremely authentic vulnerability. The first thing I noticed, was her coffee tasted like pavement. The second thing was that tools she provided previewed a glimpse of infinite possibilities. Her method is easy, and most importantly - it is effective. If you happen upon her studio, B.Y.O.C.
Amy Adams
Emotion With Detail is just a beautiful thing and it's really taught me to love acting. It really has.
Merle Dandridge
Warner is a true artist, teacher, encourager and friend. She gave me the tools to confidently use my skills from Broadway and apply them to a fun and exciting television career. Learn her Technique, you will find success and creative fulfillment.
Shiri Appleby
When I'm not on set shooting, I make it a priority to be in Warner's class. Her room is a safe space to question, explore and try out new things with someone who's guiding you every step of the way. To me, that's all it's about. Having a partner on this wild ride and Warner is that.
Emma Roberts
I love going to work with Warner! Nobody makes me feel more comfortable, confident, and inspired!

Welcome to Warner Loughlin Studios


Following your dream is not frivolous or self-indulgent… it is responsible. Our mission is to help you go beyond dreaming the dream. Our mission is to help you live it.

We are here to take your craft to new heights, to help you stand out and to encourage you to always find the joy in acting. The work you do in this Studio will allow you to stretch your skills and unlock your greatest potential.


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The Book

“As an actor, you have a gift. And that is the power to touch people’s lives. In the characters you play, they may find comfort; see something about their own lives that helps to heal them; opens the door to a greater understanding of their loved ones, or simply gives them a moment of laughter and escape. These are people whose names you may never know, but to which you will have given much. What a joyous gift you are to the world.”