About the Studio

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A Note from Warner

After years of using standard acting methods in my own work, I experienced first-hand the damaging psychological effects of methods that required me to use my own personal history for “inspiration.”

And it became increasingly clear that these “old school” methods of acting, originally developed for theater, came up short when it comes to working in film and television.

“You do NOT have to be tortured to be an artist.”

I spent countless hours studying how emotions are formed in the brain. Where, how and why they are stored – and how they affect us. I had a profound want and need to understand others, to embrace the character’s life on a deeply emotional and almost physiological level. I wanted to walk as the character walks, talk as she talks, think as she thinks and react as she reacts. And I wanted something that would work on the master shot AND also hours later when my coverage came around.

That reliability is the beauty of this technique. There are so many things that we cannot control in this crazy and wonderful business of ours, but one thing that we can control, is our craft. And ultimately, craft, is what separates the good actors, from the great actors.

Let’s. Choose. Great.

I wish you great success on this journey and utter joy in embracing others lives.

The Techniques


The Warner Loughlin Technique empowers the actor to create rich, nuanced and unique characters. Discover powerful ways to unlock your creativity in a psychologically safe way, and rediscover the passion and joy in your work.

Shooting out of sequence, multiple takes, working in extreme close-up or with multiple cameras were not requirements when the craft of acting was created; and while the medium has evolved, most techniques for actors, have not. Many schools of acting still teach skills that apply mainly to theater rather than television and film.

Is all your theater training for naught? Not at all. Simply put, Warner’s innovative approach empowers you and serves you from audition to set. Actors in film, TV, and stage – beginners and award-winners alike – find this Technique effective, deeply meaningful, extremely powerful and very importantly, psychologically safe.


Comedy is written with an inherent musicality and once you learn the notes, it can be easy to play. But just as there are certain “rules of comedy,” every actor is different. Comedy cannot be taught in a cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all way. Your comedy is unique to YOU! Honing in on your particular brand is KEY to booking work.

Warner’s “character first” approach to comedy allows actors to make the role their own before putting the technical elements into place, creating an inspired take on the character that no other actor can offer.

The Studio


“Being an actor is the most amazing job I can think of. Creating, developing, and living another person’s life while keeping your own self and psyche healthy and protected is not only possible, it is essential to anyone who wants longevity in this business. I want actors to focus on the big picture – I’m not talking about a career that lasts 6 years, I’m talking about a career that lasts sixty!”

Our supportive environment will give you wings, not weights.  Our Techniques will allow you to go deeper into character and access the full potential of your creativity.  Our instructors will guide your path with sharp insight and a nurturing spirit.

Our classes reflect the real world. Each week actors prepare a new scene for class using Warner’s Techniques and come “ready to shoot” as if they’ve booked the job. No Outside Rehearsal. We believe training any other way does not serve you.

Our goal is to ignite your creativity and make you self-sufficient so you don’t have to look outside yourself to know you’ve done your absolute best.

This Studio is your creative playground. Use it as such!

The Coaches

  • Kimberly Bigsby Warner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Kimberly Bigsby has been a working actor in Los Angeles for over 16 years, with a career spanning more than 20…

  • Jen Dede Warner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Jen Dede is a working actress, writer, and producer. She holds a BFA in Theatre from the prestigious Theatre School of DePaul University…

  • Nikki DeLoach Warner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Nikki has worked in film and television for over 30 years starting as a Mouseketeer on “The New Mickey Mouse Club” to more recently the…

  • Elena Evangelo Warner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Born and raised in Manhattan, Elena is an actress, writer, and filmmaker. A graduate of Vassar College with a B.A. in English and French…


  • Wendy Haines Warner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Wendy is a working actress and enjoys television, film and commercial success. After being the youngest person ever to complete the…

  • Megan McNulty Warner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Born on Long Island, NY, and raised in Princeton Junction, NJ, Megan grew up on the stages of the McCarter Theatre and the Princeton Ballet…

  • Aimee Parker Warner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Aimee is a working actor who made her way to Los Angeles after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Virginia…

  • Cloie Wyatt Taylor Certified Warner Loughlin Foundation Instructor

    Cloie Wyatt Taylor is an actor, singer, dancer with over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry. A New York University Tisch…

  • Hillary Tuck Warner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Hillary has enjoyed a professional acting career for the last 25 years. She began her journey as a child actor of 14 when she decided to follow her…

  • Stephen Van Dorn Warner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Stephen Van Dorn is a working actor, director, producer, writer, and musician. His career started in Denver at the tender age of 4 with…