The path you choose is the journey you take.

– Warner Loughlin

Which Online Workshop Is Right For You?

The Warner Loughlin Technique


Want to take your artistry and craft to that next level? Learn the Warner Loughlin Technique, discovering powerful ways to unlock your imagination and creativity! In this 3-week intensive dive, we’ll take you through each of the practical steps of the Technique. This interactive workshop will guide you through scene breakdown and intuitive/imaginative character building, culminating in putting up a scene of your choosing.

Get ready to dive more deeply into a character than you thought imaginable. 

*Workshop meets once a week for 3 hours.

Investment: 395

Technique Workout I


Now that you’ve learned The Warner Loughlin Technique, begin your journey of discovering how to achieve your most connected, most meaningful work. In this four week workshop you’ll dive deeper into the Technique, focusing on different aspects of analysis and character creation. 

  • Workshop meets once a week. Prerequisite of Warner Loughlin Technique Workshop or in-person Studio member who has previously completed either the Intensive or Immersion. 

Investment: 375

Technique Workout II


Over four weeks of scene study, we’ll guide you through your deepest character development yet. Through solo work, partnered scene work, and focused exercises, you’ll explore how to make Warner’s technique your own.

  • Workshop meets once a week. This class by invitation only. Must have completed Warner Loughlin Technique Workshop, Technique I or Immersion.

Investment: 375

Technique Workout III


Developing rich, nuanced and truthful characters is at the core of each actor’s work. But what makes a character resonate with an audience? What makes a character great? Accomplishing that is in the details – the technique work, the strong choices, the exploration of a character’s experience. Here you’ll deepen your work, get uncomfortable, challenge yourself and further build confidence in your work. 

*Workshop meets once a week. This class open by invitation only. 

Must have completed Warner Loughlin Technique, Techniques I and II or Immersion.

Investment: 375



Elevate your craft. Deepen your work with explorations into Living Emotion with Detail, Dramatic Improv, tackling emotionally complex characters in your scene work, while truly soaring to new heights.

  • Workshop meets once a week. 
  • This class open by invitation only.
  • Must have completed Warner Loughlin Technique, Techniques I, II, III or a Warner Loughlin Studio in person on-going scene study class.

Investment: 375

Master Class


By invitation only. 

Dramatic Improv Lab


Hone your craft with the art of Dramatic Improv! We’ll meet twice per month, you’ll be partnered with a fellow actor, and assigned a Dramatic Improv by the instructor, which you’ll prepare before the first class. Your chance to put up this improvised scene comes in week one. Then, between week one and two, you and a new scene partner will be assigned another pair — and you’ll write a dramatic improv for them to put up! (Don’t worry, it’s not difficult and it’s beyond fun!) Week two you’ll see the Dramatic Improv you wrote, performed by another duo in class, while putting up the one that has been written just for you!

  • Workshop meets bi-monthly.
  • Limited to 8 actors.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Open to ALL previous in-person Los Angeles scene study students, and online students who have taken either: 
      • Intro to Warner Loughlin Technique (2020 or 2021), OR  The Warner Loughlin Technique (2022)

Own Your Audition


Transform audition anxieties and expectations into confidence and success.

Join us and delve into the complex range of characters we’re asked to create across genres. Over four-weeks, we will cover the entire audition process, from the moment you get your audition, to your preparation, to how you enter the room and collaborate with those in it or  as is now more common, the self-tape. We’ll explore how to take any jitters, tension or fears out of your process, help you transform them into strong and specific character choices.

Own every audition by mastering proven audition techniques and find the confidence you need for any audition situation.

*Workshop meets once a week for three hours.*

Investment: 395

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