Feeling Confined?

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Just so ya know, in the next 14 days, I plan on having the longest, leanest dancers legs with only 5 minutes exercise per day. Yup! That’s 300 seconds of these leg moves a day and I’m probably gonna turn some heads as I roll out my old mini skirts. Well, after the world rights itself and we can feel like ourselves again…

I don’t usually fall for these things, but this Instagram ad was amazing and before I knew it I popped out the card and bought these videos. It was totally out of my nature to do something like that. But what the heck, why not do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do and just see what happens?! It was only $15 so if it was a horrible ruse, oh well…

Turns out that I’m actually feeling the effects. Shocking. I’m probably not gonna stop people in their tracks after these next two weeks, but I’m definitely getting some benefit.

I’m not saying go out and spend money like mad! There are so many interesting and worthwhile things online right now that are completely free. I’m saying, maybe this is a time to think outside the box of preconceived notions. What’s a long held belief or habit that you might rethink? Take a chance and do something that might seemingly be against your nature, (within reason and inside the lines of the law of course!) and see what happens.

What beliefs do you hold, that you might now rethink? Think you could never sketch or draw? Take an online course and give it a shot. No one has to see it. Do you consider yourself disorganized? Get creative and organize your closet. Maybe you’ll find clothes that you don’t need and they can go to someone else for good use. You get the point.

Why not let this quarantine be a great time for reflection and rethinking old habits. Never know what good can come from it.

Written while honoring the safe at home guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

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