In Technique

Woooo! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a brilliant take every time? We put so much pressure on ourselves to be AMAAAZING all the way through a scene, that we actually beat ourselves up if there is one false moment. Well the truth of the matter is that it really doesn’t matter so much. Yup.

If you shoot multiple takes, the editor can go through and pull out the best of moments from each take. Secondly, a brilliant take every time is virtually impossible. It’s especially impossible when the director says, “Brilliant! Do one just like that again!” If you truly try to repeat what you just did, chances are it’s gonna be less than perfect. Because now, you’re seeking a result. Anytime you seek a specific result, you’re losing sight of the character and circumstances; you’re in your left brain watching yourself, instead of being engaged in the moment.

So…to ‘repeat brilliance,’ start from your character’s first thought. Where is the character, emotionally speaking; then be willing to take the journey of the scene all over again. Be open to being surprised by what happens to your character. Seek not to repeat the take you just did, and you might find the next take is filled with delightful discoveries and is even more “brilliant” than the last.

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