Stephen Van DornWarner Loughlin Technique Certified Instructor

    Born and raised in Denver, Stephen Van Dorn had toured most of the United States as an actor-singer-dancer by the time he was fourteen. A lifelong performer, Stephen chose a Hollywood locale, but wound up living a New York-sort of life as a frequent stage performer from the Hollywood Bowl to Lincoln Center. Stephen has traveled the world performing in film and on stage, from filming in Michigan in the depths of winter, to living near the equator while performing in Singapore – literally the opposite side of the planet from Los Angeles. 

    Gratefully landing at Warner Loughlin Studios in 1999 he was immediately hooked and began substituting classes at the Studio in 2006 when Warner saw his talent for instruction. With a passion for teaching the Warner Loughlin Technique, Stephen brings his enthusiasm for the tremendous creativity of Warner’s technique to both private coaching and group instruction. 

    An award-winning actor, director, producer and writer, Stephen has found a home at Warner Loughlin Studios, and hopes you find a home here, too! Follow his audition tips on Instagram at @twominuteauditiontips