The Warner Loughlin Technique: DRAMA


After years of using standard acting methods in her own work, Warner began to see the shortcomings of techniques originally developed for the theater with regards to working in film and television. Multiple takes, shooting out of sequence and working in extreme close-up were not requirements when the craft of acting was created; and though the medium had evolved, she quickly realized, the craft itself had not.  

In addition, Warner experienced first-hand the damaging psychological effects of methods that required an actor to use his or her own personal history for "inspiration." These methods plagued her with anxiety about "getting there on the day," and emotional wounds that would not heal.

She felt it was time for a change.

"During my time as an actress I had a deep need to CREATE human behavior. I was no longer satisfied with REENACTING human behavior as previous techniques of acting had taught me. Along with my theater training, I also had a great deal of psychology in my background, so when I started this work, I began to do research on human emotions. I spent countless hours studying how emotions were actually formed in the brain. Where they are stored - how they affect us. I wanted to dig deeper, psychologically. I wanted to know, understand and deeply feel how the character feels by using my imagination. I wanted to walk as she walks, talk as she talks, think as she thinks and react (without thinking) as she reacts. I wanted something that would work on the master shot AND also work hours later when my coverage came around. That reliability is the beauty of this technique.

— Warner Loughlin

The Warner Loughlin Technique for Drama preserves the actor's privacy and emotional health, while bringing new levels of passion and creativity to the work. Her innovative approach gives actors a safe and effective way to access emotion and create extremely nuanced and unique performances.

Actors in film, TV, and stage - beginners and award-winners alike - find this technique effective, deeply meaningful, extremely powerful and, most importantly, psychologically safe.

Through her technique, actors may now showcase... not their history, but their artistry.



The Warner Loughlin Technique: COMEDY


Comedy is written with inherent musicality and once you learn the notes, it can be easy to play. But while most comedy techniques stop there, Warner's does not. In addition to playing the music as written, you must bring a unique take on the character as only you can. You must bring your unique brand to the work. The Warner Loughlin Technique for Comedy will show you how.  

"Comedy is my passion. And while there are certain "rules of comedy" we must learn, every actor is different. I've spent many years on sitcom stages, and not one show has been like the next. You can't teach comedy in a cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all way. Your comedy is unique to YOU! Learning to hone in on your particular brand, is KEY to booking work. There are so many types of comedy: from multi-cam, single-cam, romantic comedy features and the list goes on. And within each of these very different genres there are keys to unlock. You must also know the current trends - they change all the time. What worked even 2 years ago, doesn't anymore. So, it's essential to keep on top of your skills and have your finger on the pulse of the industry.

— Warner Loughlin

The Warner Loughlin Technique for Comedy was designed to teach actors the "rules of comedy," while allowing them to find their own unique brand.

This "character first" approach allows actors to make the role their own before they put technical elements into place, thereby creating a unique and inspired take on the character that no other actor can offer.