"Emotion With Detail is just a beautiful thing and it's really taught me to love acting. It really has."


"I came to see Warner for help with a character that required extremely authentic vulnerability.   The first thing I noticed, was her coffee tasted like pavement.   The second thing was that tools she provided previewed a glimpse of infinite possibilities.   Her method is easy, and most importantly -  it is effective.   She's truly one of a kind with much to teach and I'm happy she's a part of my life.   If you happen upon her studio, B.Y.O.C."

Ryan Reynolds


" I have been training with Warner since I was 19. She is the best of the best and has helped me to do some of my most favorite performances. I love her versatility and ability to adapt to any style. She's truly a gift!"

Zooey Deschanel


"As soon as I walked through Warner’s door, I knew I had found what I was looking for as an actor and as a human being.  Her technique is unlike anything I have ever known.  It is joyously playful with unlimited possibilities.  It allows you to create a life instead of reenacting a character.  It is magical, great fun, and I want to work like this for the rest of my career.  It breathes into every aspect of your life giving you greater sensibility than you could possibly imagine.  Besides learning her technique, which will become one of the greatest gifts you will ever be given, you get to feel safe, supported, and loved just by walking through the door into her studio.  Warner reminds all of us of just how fortunate we are to do what we do—and how much fun it is!  Her life-force is truly contagious.  To Warner, you are not just a student.  She takes you into her life and creates a special place for you in her heart.  With a heart that big, there’s enough space for everyone.  I cannot wait to learn more, play more, and act more.  It puts a big smile on my face to know that I am finally becoming the actor that I always knew I could be."

Nikki DeLoach


"The very first thing I noticed about Warner was her positive energy.   She walked into the room, and you literally felt good.   All of sudden you felt like "ok maybe this isn't going to be all serious thespian stuff - maybe this is going to be fun.   Maybe.   It is important to mention this because at the base of her whole technique is the placement of one's attitude.   ...Leading up to working with Warner, I had a history of studying with people whose technique was to tear you down.   This is not uncommon for most actors.   In fact, I've met very few actors on my journey that take a compliment with a smile and a thank you without some auxiliary comment of how it could be better... You then associate harsh critique with learning; [you perceive] someone tearing you down...as beneficial.   For me the more brutal the better, and if I felt I wasn't getting enough abuse...of course that meant I could no longer grow at that particular venue.   Meeting Warner changed this belief system for me completely. And after joining her class I really began to soar.   Not just because I eventually started to book work, but because I was enjoying the process again.   I realized I could be both happy and an actor."

Valerie Cruz

"I called Warner five years ago when I was the star of a sitcom on NBC.   The show had been wildly publicized as the next Will & Grace and was put on just after Friends on Thursday nights.   I had never had any comedy training, was scared out of my mind, and was tanking well-written jokes and not understanding why.   "Tell me what's going on, baby?" she said when I called her, and from that moment until even today I have felt like she was holding my hand.   Warner's innate talent for understanding comedy, combined with her genuine warmth and enthusiasm, has allowed me-- someone not innately funny at ALL-- to relax when handed comedy material. My career is now fun, safe, and feels like playtime.   Warner's technique has allowed me to approach comedy with confidence, ease and... well... HUMOR!"

Ashley Williams


"The Warner Loughlin Technique has especially helped me in my ability to develop characters, in the sense that, after using the technique, I feel a certainty about the character and their point of view.   Before I found Warner and her technique, there were times I would feel I was "reaching" for a character or guessing about "how would he react here?"  With Warner, I KNOW how the character would react because I have a deep emotional as well as intellectual understanding of the character.   I can know with certainty, why this particular person sees the world in his unique way."

Carter McIntyre


"Without Warner Loughlin my career would have taken a hard left.   She kept me on the path to success.   Simply put...Sabes Que! The Greatest!!"

George Lopez


"Warner is the brightest light in this city.   There is such a good vibe here.   There's no room for ego - it's just about the work."

Darren Le Gallo


"The only reason I know how to act or even what the meaning of acting is is because of Warner. ... I went to Warner one day out of desperation with other methods---Warner's technique has allowed me to have a career.   Truly--she is the best!

Brian Presley


"Wisdom is an accumulation of experience.  Yet a wise man learns from the experience of others.  Any fool can learn the stove is hot from touching it, but the wise need not to touch."

RZA (on using substitutions as opposed to The Warner Loughlin Technique)


"Warner's technique has completely changed my approach as an actress.   Her contagious energy gives me the confidence to take on any material.   I wouldn't even think of walking on a set without consulting her genius. "

Marla Sokoloff


"Studying with Warner, changed my life.  Not only did I find a safe and effective process, but I found a community of amazingly supportive people.   I went to one of the top drama school's in the country, but still did not feel like I had a process that worked for me.  I had learned a little bit of so many techniques, but none seemed both safe and effective - especially for work in film.  Shooting take after take of deep dramatic work was frightening and elusive before I worked with Warner. Now I feel up for the challenge."

Warner is also genius with comedy!  She is able to not only break things down technically, but she also teaches you how to make it your own.  After years of working with her I feel my sense of comic timing totally ingrained.  I just got a review in TV guide that called me "pee-your-pants funny". I owe a lot of that to Warner."

Erin Cardillo


" One of the greatest gifts of this technique/studio has been TRUST.  Trust in myself as an actor, in my imagination, in my instincts, in my process, etc...  This technique helped me to begin climbing from the creative plateau I was stuck on for far too long.  The approach is challenging, enlightening, inspiring, and very rewarding.  But in addition to great tools that will take your craft to the next level, it's Warner and a staff of nurturing teachers who truly make this environment unique.  The creative energy is pure and infectious."

Brandon Scott


"Warner's technique has allowed me to find genuine emotion and depth in a character without having to go into my own life and personal history. While there is validity in using your own personal feelings in acting, which is how I was taught before studying with Warner, her technique feels safer to my soul, and even more authentic than the stuff from my real life, because instead of putting onto a character something that's happened in my life and trying to tailor it to the character (i.e. using memories of a boyfriend that left me heartbroken years ago to trigger emotions about my fictitious child's death in the scene), I am creating a pure homemade past that is specific to this character, and how she would feel based on her life leading up to this scene. (Using the scene at hand as a guide to finding out what exactly that life would be.)"

And just because you aren't using your own memories for the character, it doesn't take YOU away from it because you are making this character come to life- and only you will play her this way. You are totally unique in your look, your voice, your manner of speaking and your physicality and your perception of the character is what will ultimately tell the story . I like to imagine that the new life I create for a character is "poured" through the vessel of me, and what emerges is a new character that has her own fullness and depth but through my eyes."

Terryn Westbrook


"If you chase it, it will fly" is a transformative Warner phrase.   The surprise of life cannot be controlled manufactured - it is found in the moment - in a  blindingly free trust - in a truthful response - in instinct - not in control.   It takes guts to try NOT to control anything.   When we try too hard we loose our presence, our finesse - we cannot do it mentally - we have to be really spontaneous.   The moment we relax and let go of expectation, the moment we give into and engage in the improvisation - then we don't have to make it happen because we've allowed it to happen!"

The Warner Loughlin Technique has given me the tools to get there and the freedom in the end to let go of my homework, knowing that it will be underneath everything I do, and  to do nothing more and nothing less than focus on the task at hand!"

Elena Evangelo


"The Warner Loughlin Technique has helped to make my performances more spontaneous, and real.   With substitutions you have to stay stuck hanging on to pain so you can use it, you are stuck in an old emotion.   For me, as a generally happy person, I don't like to hang on to crap, I like to move on, in a positive way and not hold on to negative energy or emotion that makes me not feel good about myself. This industry does a number on our psyches enough as it is!   The Warner Loughlin Technique doesn't!"

Catherine Bruhier

"Warner's technique creates a reliably solid foundation for a character, layered with surprise, specificity, and the patterns of a lifetime.   I feel confident that I can adjust to any directorial change in a rehearsal room or on a set because I know I am breathing and behaving in a fully developed character."

It is the most powerful tool I have encountered and seems to be the missing link between my Stanislavsky-based training, Michael Chekhov technique, Grotowski and Viewpoints work as it allows the body to develop and hold emotional memory.   The body has its own reactions, pre-consciousness, and when traveling through an Emotion With Detail exercise I create and respond to the stimuli of lived experience - it is remarkable to find a year later that the exercises I have done for a character can still upset or delight me if I choose to flash on them.   I have always had powerful dreams and this technique feels like directing myself in a waking dream.   The power of imagination and belief are channeled into craft."

Sharon Gardner

"Warner has given me a simple and insightful approach on creating interesting characters.   Working with her has elevated my performances.   I love her!!!"

Amber Valletta


"Using The Warner Loughlin Technique is the only way for me to achieve depth of emotion and authentic emotion in a scene - to be able to play moment to moment as the character deep in the circumstance.   I can trust emotion with a detail to work every time, with any scene.   My successful auditions are the ones where I did the most or the deepest Emotion With Detail."

Daisy McCrackin

"All of my characters go to therapy with Warner - because without her, I would go insane!"

Jordan Ladd

"Physically exhausted and emotionally drained, I found myself surrounded by film crew inside a deep, dark cavern somewhere in northern California.   I was the center focus of the most dramatically pivotal shot in the film.   The hours of Emotion With Detail I did to prepare for this role allowed me to immediately flash on specific images which miraculously brought me to the place I needed to be to fulfill the scene.   Not only that, it allowed me to stay there take after take."

Amanda Wing