At Warner Loughlin Studios the actor's journey is our first priority. Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned vet, our classes meet you right where you are and support you at each stage of your career.

Warner's dynamic, effective and reliable techniques, for both DRAMA and COMEDY, are the core focus of our classes and will serve you from audition to set. Class sizes are kept small to preserve intimacy and each actor works every week. The best part? Our classes mimic the real world! Each week students prepare for class using Warner's techniques and come in "ready to shoot" as if they've booked the job with NO OUTSIDE REHEARSAL. As rehearsing with a scene partner without a director present is a practice found only in acting classes and not in the real world, we believe training any other way does not serve you.

Our goal is to ignite your creativity and make you self-sufficient so you don't have to look outside yourself to know you've done your absolute best. Get ready for a wonderful ride!

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The Warner Loughlin Technique Intensive: DRAMA

Get out of your head and into the character!

This one-day introductory workshop is a quick and efficient way to learn The Warner Loughlin Technique for Drama, an imagination-based, extremely emotionally reliable way to delve deep inside a character without using your own life and tragedies. This class takes place over one weekend day each month. Either Saturday or Sunday from 10am-5pm.


The Warner Loughlin Technique Intensive: COMEDY

Learn how to master this genre and make it sing!

This one-day workshop includes an introduction to The Warner Loughlin Technique for Comedy, examination of genres and styles of contemporary comedy, instruction in text analysis, and guided practice using the Technique - all designed to help you become more consistent and confident in your approach to comedy. Learn to identify and play "the funny" the writers intended, while bringing your unique comedic voice to the work. This class takes place one Sunday a month from 10am-5pm.



Drama Immersion

Put your new tools to scene work!

These month-long classes meet once a week and are designed to strengthen the skills learned in The Warner Loughlin Technique for Drama Intensive through scene work. Each student works every week.


Comedy Immersion

Put your new tools to scene work!

This four week class meets once a week and is designed to strengthen the skills learned in The Warner Loughlin Technique Comedy Intensive. Students focus on detailed scene analysis, character building, and expand knowledge of various genres and styles of comedy. Each student works every week. Class times vary.



Drama Scene Study

Work as if you're on set every week!

Drama Scene Study classes meet weekly, cover a broad range of genres and styles from romantic comedy to heavy drama. Dramatic Improvisation for the purpose of character building is also explored. Students work every week and choose their own material.


Comedy Scene Study

If you want comedy and only comedy, this is your class!

Our Comedy Scene Study classes are designed for people who want to focus on the ever-expanding world of television and film comedy. Master Warner Loughlin's Comedy Technique while honing your unique comedic voice and expanding your brand. From improvised auditions and original character creation, to single and multi-camera sitcom scene work, this class will give you the tools you need to stand out from the crowd.



Ready to take the leap and become an actor?

Our Foundation Class is designed to give you just that - a solid foundation to build your craft on. This class may be taken before of after completing our Intensives as recommended by our Instructors at the time of your audition. From exercises in visualization, storytelling, and improvisation to literal text work, this weekly class allows students the opportunity to connect to their creative side and explore what it means to be an actor. Teachers will work one-on-one with students to create an individual plan for growth in this intimate, supportive class environment. Gain a solid foundation to jumpstart your career!



The journey continues...


Master Workshop

Master Workshop is designed for seasoned professionals who want to keep stretching their skills while on series or in between film, television, and stage roles. This workshop is offered at various times throughout the year.



Monday           12pm-4pm         Mixed Level Scene Study

Monday           7pm-11pm         Comedy Immersion

Tuesday          12pm-4pm         Mixed Level Comedy

Tuesday          7pm-11pm         Mixed Level Scene Study

Wednesday     2pm - 6pm        Drama Immersion

Thursday        11am-3pm         Foundation

Thursday        7pm-11pm         Mixed Level Scene Study

Thursday        7pm-11pm         Advanced Scene Study


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