Intro to the Warner Loughlin Technique


In this three-week introductory workshop, we’ll take you through each of the practical steps of the Technique. Through instruction, collective scene breakdown, take home work, and culminating with putting up a scene of your choosing, you will discover powerful ways to unlock your imagination and creativity. Learn the ins and outs of Warner’s Technique and start practicing it on your own. Get ready to dive more deeply into a character than you thought imaginable.

*This workshop is not a replacement for our Drama Immersion, which actors must audition for, put up multiple weeks of scene work, and is essential in order to be considered for placement in our on-going scene study classes.*


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Technique Workout


Developing rich, nuanced, and truthful characters is at the core of each actor’s work. But what makes a character resonate with an audience? What makes a character great? Accomplishing that is in the details – the technique work, the strong choices, the exploration of a character’s experience.

In our new virtual workshop, you’ll discover just how to achieve your most connected, most meaningful work. Over six weeks, we’ll guide you through deep character development. Through solo work, partnered scene work, dramatic improv, and emotionally charged scenes, you will explore how to make Warner’s Technique your own. And with the added element of the virtual classroom, you’ll have the benefit of seeing how nuanced character work shows up on camera.

If you are looking to deepen your work with the Warner Loughlin Technique, get uncomfortable, challenge yourself, and build confidence, we invite you to join us.

Discover the difference between being good…and being great!

Completing Drama Immersion, Intro to The Warner Loughlin Technique, or time in our Foundation Class is required in order to enroll.


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Fundamentals of Acting

Every actor needs solid fundamentals. Empower yourself with the tools needed to breathe life into scenes and characters.

Imagination, truth, and text are at the core of the tools we will explore in this class. Through creative exercises, scene work, monologue, and solo work, new actors will learn to use given and imagined circumstances to create characters. We’ll use literal text work to guide us to make strong and specific choices, and we’ll work to eliminate the notion of “getting it right”, but rather strive to operate from truth.

Over 8-weeks, actors will begin to understand what it means to be an actor, learn where they are with their skill set, and enliven their creativity.

To grow into your potential as an actor, one must start with the fundamentals and build from there.


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Mastering the Self Tape

We know that when we are back to the ‘norm’ there’s likely to be an explosion of self-tape opportunities. So why not invest in yourself and transform audition anxieties and expectations around self-taping into excitement and success?!

Join us and delve into the complex range of characters we’re asked to create across genres. And over four-weeks, we will cover the entire self-tape audition process, from the moment you get your tape request, to your preparation, slate and set-up, to all the considerations you make along the way when you are in the driver’s seat. We’ll explore how to take any jitters or second guessing out of your process and help you transform them into strong and specific character choices. We’ll even discuss how many takes is  enough and help you know when to download and click submit.

Own every audition by mastering proven audition techniques and find the confidence you need to make any audition situation, including the self-tape, both seamless and fun.


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