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As actors, we spend a great deal of our careers auditioning. Explore every aspect of the audition from preparation to anxiety and fears surrounding the audition, to making the most of each opportunity in the room. Learn to feel at ease and develop skills that allow you to walk into each audition empowered, confident and present. These on-camera workshops are for professional actors. Technique Immersions are not a requirement for enrollment.

Own Your Audition

Transform audition anxieties and expectations into confidence and success. We believe that when you create a positive relationship with auditioning the whole process will change for you.

This workshop will help you be your most present self so that you can bring what makes you shine to the table – in any role, across any genre. We will delve into the complex range of characters we’re asked to create, from network procedurals to cable hour dramas and streaming single camera shows to broad multi-camera comedies. Over six-weeks, we will cover the entire audition process, from the moment you get your audition and prepare, to how you enter the room and collaborate with those in it. We’ll explore how to take any jitters, tension or fears out of your process, help you transform them into strong and specific character choices, and talk about what to do with all of those feelings after you walk out of the casting office.

Own every audition by mastering proven audition techniques and find the confidence you need to take into any audition situation whether you have one week or one hour to prepare.


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