The Studio offers a wide variety of ongoing workshops designed to enhance and expand our clients’ careers. 



with Nikki DeLoach

As an actor, I spent years wrestling with my fears, anxieties, and expectations surrounding the audition process. The day I decided to create a positive relationship with auditioning, my whole world changed. In truth, as actors, we will spend the majority of our lives auditioning. Therefore, it is essential for us to befriend the entire process and make it work for us.

This six-week on-camera audition intensive will focus primarily on drama and its various genres. We will explore every aspect of the audition process from preparation to anxiety and fears surrounding auditioning to making the most of each opportunity in the room.

If you are ready to change your experience in the audition room, join me!


Dates: Six Wednesdays, August 9th - September 13th

Time: 11am - 3pm

Rate: $495



with Eric Hunicutt

Focus specifically on comedy scenes and sides across a wide spectrum of comedic styles - including multi cam, single cam, network & cable TV, and film. Explore the use of improvisation in and out of the "room:" when it's appropriate and when it isn't, how to "have fun with it" and riff with a reader, as well as other tools and techniques for getting loose and staying loose before during and after the audition.


Dates: Six Wednesdays, April 5th - May 10th

Time: 7pm - 11pm

Rate: $495


Embodiment through Scene Study
with Jamie Wollrab

Posture, Openness, Alignment, Gesture, Voice, Body Language, Tonality, and Choice, this is where the actor's power comes into play. Because only 10% of communication is verbal, the rest of our gifts lie in our physical and emotional instrument. To be fully free on stage or in front of the camera, one has to go well beyond the text and breathe life into each character from head to toe.

In his years of teaching Voice and Movement, Jamie has found that often an actor is communicating unconscious habits that are impeding them from tapping into the deep truth of characters. Physical tension, lack of voice integration, shallowness of breath, nervous ticks often hold actors back from experiencing their full potential.

This eight-week workshop will immerse the actor in relaxation, vocal, breath and body exercises. It is designed to help augment the actors current techniques and open them to endless possibilities. Go big or go home!

In this advanced workshop actors will:

- Work on scenes by the Great American Playwrights
- Spend one month working on a scene
- Begin to unearth habitual patterns and learn techniques to connect more deeply to the truth of the character
- Experiment with Non-Linear Movement, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Linklater, Fitzmaurice and Laban work to name a few


Dates: Sundays, July 10th - September 4th
*no class on August 7th*

Time: 5pm - 9pm

Rate: $600

*Students must be 18 or older. Instructor approval for workshop is required.*




with Jamie Wollrab

This is a drop-in class.

The voice and body are essential tools for the actor that are often overlooked. This 90 minute class is designed to open up and free these instruments through relaxation, breaking through habitual tension and body patterns and deepening the understanding of one's inner life and outer behavior. The person is revealed through the voice and body; we will explore our inner life through imagination, Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis, yoga, Laban, breath work and optimal body alignment. The goal is to surrender to the true self so we can work with ease and authenticity - on stage or in front of the camera.


$35 per class

*Please RSVP to Jamie Wollrab at by the Thursday before the class you would like to attend.



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