Many young actors have charisma and passion, but we give them the edge! The Young Actors' Program at Warner Loughlin Studios truly is one of a kind, providing students with a solid foundation as they begin to build their craft. Our imagination-based technique gives students a reliable and safe method that will serve them now and onto adulthood. We believe in nurturing the artist within while arming them with the skills necessary for longevity in this business. Our curriculum equips students of any age at any stage in their careers with specific tools to enhance their talent, setting them ahead of the crowd. Our students are confident, professional, and prepared to successfully work with actors and directors of the highest caliber.

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“The technique at Warner Loughlin Studios has brought new depth to my characters. The technique is challenging, and makes me really think about characters' thoughts and memories. I feel confident walking into the audition room knowing that I have prepared properly. I love the class and the instructors are fantastic!”

Kaylee Bryant
(American Horror Story, Dog With a Blog)




Ages 13-18

Core Class is designed to provide a solid foundation in The Warner Loughlin Technique. Students in this class are either new to the program, or looking to build upon and strengthen their skills with the solid craft they need to be competitive. Class is divided into an in-depth analytical breakdown of scene work, followed by an extensive study of how to create fully nuanced and believable characters. The goal is to help students grow in their facility with visualization, improvisation, and their emotional connection to characters across a wide range of dramatic and comedic genres. They are encouraged to play with material from television, film, and contemporary theatre, and use their imagination to enhance their work throughout. Students will also hone their audition skills both on camera and in the room. An industry guest is invited each session to expose students to the practical side of the business and provide scene work feedback. Overall, Core Class creates a supportive environment for our young actors to grow as artists.

Rate: $725 per session

Makeups will be honored for the current enrolled session
Prorating is not available.



Ages 13-18

Master Class is designed for the seasoned professional. Students in this class have mastered The Warner Loughlin Technique and are looking to cultivate their craft with a community of fellow young professionals. Students are encouraged to stretch their potential by exploring roles outside of their traditional casting zone, work on audition material or delve into characters they've always wanted to play - from film, television, and contemporary theatre. An Industry guest is invited each session to experience students' work. Master Class is the perfect arena for our young working actors to keep their skills sharp in between projects. Entrance is by invitation only.

Rate: $725 per session

Makeups will be honored for the current enrolled session.
Prorating is not available.



Saturdays: January 21st - April 8th

Saturdays: April 29th - July 29th
*No class on May 27th or July 1st.

Saturdays: August 19th - November 4th


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“ Attending Warner's has been a huge influence on my perspective on acting. She makes you feel extremely comfortable with breaking down characters and allows you to explore and flourish within and outside your skills. Going into auditions, I feel so prepared knowing I've been able to truly understand the character through Warner's technique.”

Kayla Carlson
(Widow Detective, CBS Pilot)


“ There is not enough space on this website for me to express my love and gratitude to Warner Loughlin Studios. From the moment the Studio was recommended to me by a co-worker (Erin Cardillo) on set, to the moment I left the studio for the first time, I felt nothing but the feeling of "home." From past experiences, Warner's is the first studio I can truly let myself play as a growing person and as an actress. Warner and her staff help you go deeper into a character, but always in a positive manner. In Warner's Technique you completely create and build the character since, basically, the day they were born, and with that depth, comes the most real characters I've ever been able to create. Creating can be so scary, but when you know every detail about your character's life, it becomes instinct. In the time I have been studying with Warner, I have seen the growth and maturity in my approach to, not only acting, but in understanding this business, as a whole. There is the word I would use... WHOLE. Warner Loughlin not only helps nurture the skills of acting, but educates about the industry business, as well. How lucky am I to have a place of study where my imagination just gets to play? A place where I learn the WHOLE business, not just a part of it. Every time I walk through the Warner doors, I am reminded why I love acting so much, and that to me is as golden as it gets!”

Rachael Kathryn Bell
(Suite Life on Deck, Disney)