The Studio


Warner Loughlin Studios was built to support the dreams of actors at every level. We are driven by the belief that following one's dream is not frivolous or self-indulgent... it's responsible. Regardless of what people may think, not everyone wants to be an actor. A select few are truly called to this work, and even fewer answer with serious commitment. Our mission is to help you go beyond dreaming the dream. We're here to help you live it!

"Being an actor is the most amazing job I can think of - it should not be torturous!   Creating, developing, and living another person's life while keeping your own self and psyche healthy and protected is not only possible, it is essential to anyone who wants longevity in this business.   I want my students focused on the big picture - I'm not talking about a career that lasts 6 years, I'm talking about a career that lasts sixty!" - WL

Our supportive environment will give you wings, not weights. We do not believe that breaking you down or demanding that you to torture yourself helps you become a better artist. It doesn't have to be that way. Our techniques are safe, effective and fun. Our instructors are positive, nurturing and insightful - all living examples of successful, working actors and directors who also have healthy vibrant lives.

Accordingly, you will find in our Studio members the most supportive community of artists in town. Actors, who truly want to help each grow, see each other succeed and create dynamic work together.

"Actors come here at every point in the journey - from beginners to tremendously successful celebrities.   Everyone is treated equally as part of our collective because we all learn from each other's experience.   I believe in the philosophy "We all rise together."   I see it happen all the time where hard work and mutual support create an energy of success and everyone benefits." - WL

The actor's journey is meant to be a joyous one. If you're just beginning we're here to help you cultivate that joy. And if you've lost that joy along the way, we're here to help you reclaim it. Come. Play. Thrive.