Audition & Technique Coaching

All clients currently in ongoing scene study classes get 20% off staff coaching rates for all Audition and Technique coaching.

Audition Coaching

From film to TV to stage, WLS is known for its superior audition coaching team. All staff coaches are working actors and have been certified to teach the Warner Loughlin Technique. They are often intimately familiar with the casting directors, producers and even the very room in which auditions are held.

Audition Coaching (ON TAPE)

Put your best face forward in our new on-camera studio. The state-of-the-art facility offers high-quality picture (Panasonic AF-100 camera), professional lighting and sound, fast uploading, and a Staff Instructor Coaching option. Call to schedule an appointment. Coach, tape and send your audition off to casting in one quick visit.

WLT Enhancement

Create rich homework that effortlessly flows into a uniquely nuanced performance. Whether you are a private client or in our scene study program, it is important to check in and ensure your Technique is all that it can be. From Analytical and Emotional character development to enhanced Visualization tools, these coaches have tips to help you take yourself to the next level of your craft.

Multi-Camera SitCom

This pilot season saw the rebirth of multi-camera sitcoms and we are ready for it! Discover the simple and effective WLS comedy technique that empowers you to create the haha. Our coaches help you navigate these all too technical waters to find the difference between "funny" and "flat".

Cold Reading

Audition sides are often received at the last minute. Having the tools to quickly breakdown a scene, make fast choices and rock it out is essential these days. These coaches give you the tools you need to feel secure, no matter the circumstances.

Role Preparation

When you book the job, the truly deep work begins. These sessions are geared towards making you "set ready", to shoot scenes in any sequence, to adapt to new material and direction, and to conquer difficult emotional scenes take after take.

Phone/Video Coaching

If you are on location, or simply unable to get to the Studio, Phone/Video Coaching is available with Warner and all staff coaches.

On-Set/Out of Town Coaching

Warner has been on hundreds of sets and well knows the value of having a personal coach on hand. Shooting out of sequence, fiercely emotional scenes, unsupportive costars - there are a million obstacles to overcome sometimes! A personal advocate on set whose sole purpose is ushering in your best work can make the difference.


Specialty Coaching

Business Coaching

Running an acting career is no different than running any other small business. There are a million decisions to be made every day that can change the path of your career. From headshot selection and resume formatting to interview prep and business plan creation, WLS offers coaching to help you feel secure in your path.

Writing Coaching

The paradigm for an acting career has changed, so why just sit back and wait for opportunities? We have the power to create them for ourselves! For this reason, WLS now offers writing coaching for developing original material.


Semi-scripted and improvised shows are bigger than ever. There is a lot more to it than just winging it. If you are ready to replace the "Wing and a Prayer" technique with actual tools - these coaches can help!

Musical Theatre and Shakespeare

Theatre in LA? Of course! Not only local shows, but also nearly every major Broadway show, regional house and national tour hold auditions in Los Angeles. When the time comes, our coaches are here to help.

Voice & Embodiment Session

Fully connect to you voice and instrument. Through a blend of Linklater, Alexander Technique with breath and body work. The sessions include full body alignment and release work.


To schedule a coaching, call the main office line (310-360-0077). After-hours or on weekends, dial the main line, select Option #4, and leave a message. A coach will be paged immediately.