The 2008 Warner Loughlin Charity Event

Warner Loughlin Studios' annual holiday charity event supporting the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center's lifesaving cancer research was a huge success!

All photos by Marc Bennington, Russell Taylor and Barry King.


Warner Loughlin (photo: Barry King)


Erin Cardillo, Dr. Helena Chang (photos: Russell Taylor)


Tom Selleck, Warner Loughlin (photo: Russell Taylor)


Briana Evigan, Maggie Grace (photo: Barry King)


Mary Steenburgen, Warner Loughlin
(photo: Marc Bennington)


Jordan Ladd, Lana Parrilla (photo: Barry King)


(l. to r.) Shannon Woodward, Julie Gonzalo
(photo: Russell Taylor)


(l. to r.) Casey Waits, Max Nash, Jason Evigan, Briana Evigan (photo: Russell Taylor)


Adam Kulbersh, Erin Cardillo (photo: Russell Taylor)


Warner Loughlin, Kristy Swanson (photo: Barry King)


Rachel Daily (photo: Russell Taylor)


Erin Cummings (photo: Russell Taylor)


Dana Cuomo, Mary Chris Wall (photos: Barry King)


Samantha Lemole, America Olivo (photo: Barry King)


Elena Evangelo, Darren Le Gallo (photo: Marc Bennington)


Molly Burnett, Aaron Hill (photo: Barry King)


Jesse Bochco, Lilly McDowell, Mary Steenburgen, Charlie Walton (photos: Russell Taylor)


Bruce Krysiak, Gigi De Leon (photo: Barry King)


Todd Lowe, Nikki Deloach (photos: Marc Bennington)


Lance Gilliam, Maggie Grace, Joel Michaely
(photo: Russell Taylor)


Adam Kulbersh, Terryn Westbrook (photo: Russell Taylor)


Leah Rachel, Alex Safford, Jen Dede
(photo: Russell Taylor)


Kirsten Selleck, Dan Selleck, Jille Mack, Tom Selleck
(photo: Barry King)


(l. to r.) Hannah Selleck, Tom Selleck, Jillie Mack
(photo: Russell Taylor)


Jackie Pickering, Chase Ferguson (photo: Russell Taylor)


Jen Dede, Tom Kelly (photo: Russell Taylor)


Jenny Weaver, Layla Alizada (photo: Russell Taylor)


Dan Panosian, Ben Good, Michael Moroney, Cara Cragan (photo: Russell Taylor)


Tom Hallick, Laurie Chapman (photo: Barry King)


Teddy Dunn, Erin Cardillo (photo: Barry King)


Helena Chang, Warner Loughlin (photo: Russell Taylor)


Sharon Gardner (photo: Russell Taylor)


Terryn Westbrook, Marcus Kayne (photos: Russell Taylor)


Tim Sandow (photo: Russell Taylor)


Erin Cardillo, Nick Campbell, Jenny Weaver, Wade Fischer (photos: Russell Taylor)


Hilliary Barbour, Megan Bradley, Mara Klein, Jessica Botello (photo: Russell Taylor)


Joe Towne, Lauren Aboulafia (photo: Russell Taylor)


Kate Danson, Lilly McDowell (photo: Russell Taylor)


Megan Bradley, Jessica Botello, Hayden Wyatt
(photo: Russell Taylor)


Tony Makris, Warner Loughlin (photo: Russell Taylor)


Ken Elliott, Gigi Carlton, Elizabeth Kennedy
(photo: Russell Taylor)


Jason Ott, Lauren Lawson, Adrian Elizondo
(photo: Barry King)


Elizabeth Maphis, Robin Hines, Hayden Wyatt, Megan Bradley (photo: Marc Bennington)


Katie Boyle, Di Quon, Natalie Kay, Lisa Gutberlet
(photo: Marc Bennington)


Adam Kulbersh, Warner Loughlin, Erin Cardillo
(photo: Russell Taylor)


Nancy Gregory, Susan Blakely, Steve Jaffe (photos: Barry King)


Wendy Haines, Grant Gordon (photo: Russell Taylor)


Whitney Burditt, Ben Burditt (photo: Russell Taylor)


Susan Blakely, Warner Loughlin, Erin Cardillo,
Kristy Swanson
(photo: Barry King)


Hayden Wyatt, Brendan Hughes, Hilliary Barbour
(photos: Russell Taylor)


Alex Safford, Rick Nyholm (photo: Russell Taylor)


Alyse Ligman, Valerie Haziza (photos: Russell Taylor)


Paige Petrone, Adam Kulbersh (photo: Barry King)


Teresa Strasser, Jake Busey (photos: Barry King)


Maiara Walsh, Helena Chang (photo: Barry King)


(l. to r.) Lauren Silvi, Chrissy Lawver, Nathan Cook,
Sandy Huang
(photo: Marc Bennington)


Ashley Ahlquist, Eric Kaiser Johnson
(photo: Barry King)


Natalie Kay, Kevin Williams, Christine Daley, Amy FitzHenry (photos: Russell Taylor)


Lori Yohe, Emme Tyler, Bola Ogun, Justin Biers
(photo: Russell Taylor)


Jeff Maxwell, Jennifer McMaster (photo: Russell Taylor)


Colin Forman, Bryan Master (photo: Barry King)


Jesse McCullum, Josh Berger (photo: Barry King)


Denny Sevier, Nancy Wharton, Shepherd Smith
(photos: Russell Taylor)


Megan McNulty, Jeff Bass (photo: Russell Taylor)